An API for accessing the data collected is available at


Responses are all in JSON and time periods are given in seconds.

The :type parameter in the following are made up of the time period and what kind of statistic.


The following time periods are available

6_monthsover the last 6 months
12_monthsover the past year
24_monthsover the past two years
all_timeover every release

The following kinds are available

majoronly major releases
allall releases

An example of what :type could be:



Display statistics about time between releases in a given time period. A typical response:

  "average": 768636.2928039702,
  "variance": 33679110812311.324,
  "stddev": 5803370.642334619,
  "median": 676968.0


Display a table of the specific data points. A typical response:

  "v3.19": 600421.0,
  "v3.19-rc7": 604960.0,
  "v3.19-rc6": 684141.0,
  "v3.19-rc5": 551847.0,
  "v3.19-rc4": 502773.0,
  "v3.17-rc3": 528404.0,
  "v3.17-rc2": 798954.0